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ACIS:  Australasian Conference on Information Systems
Information System

  • Web Site Design and Usability
  • Knowledge Management and Learning Organisation
  • CMC, Groupware, and Collaborative Systems

ACM CSCW: Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
The development, deployment and use of computer systems supporting all aspects of shared activities, including, but not limited to, activities at work, in the home, in education, and the arts.

ACM SIGWEB Hypertext: Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Information Management on the web with focus on hypertext and hypermedia

ACM Workshop on Continuous Archival and Retrieval of Personal Experiences

ACRL:  Association of Colleges and Research Libraries

ALA:  American Library Association Annual Conference

AMCIS: Americas Conference on Information Systems
The conference covers important and recent issues in Information Systems and serves the research and teaching interests of the IS community.

ARMA: Association for Information Management Professionals
Information Management

  • Electronic Records Management - A Step-by-Step Approach
  • Integrated Document Management/Records Management - Best Practices and Technologies

Information System and Information Technology

  • • Information management, organization, and access
  • • Information seeking and use
  • • Information retrieval and dissemination
  • • Information production, transfer, and delivery

The design, evaluation, implementation, and study of interactive computing systems for human use.

CIIT: IASTED International Conference on Communications, Internet, & Information Technology
The conference aims to provide an opportunity for prominent specialists, researchers, and engineers throughout the world to share their latest research in the areas of communications, the internet, information technology, and their applications.

CIKM: Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management

  • Application of knowledge representation techniques to semantic modeling
  • Transaction management
  • Data and knowledge sharing
  • Interchange and interoperability
  • Information storage and retrieval and interface technology

CIST: Conference on Information System and Technology
Information Technology

  • Knowledge Management Technologies, Processes, and Systems
  • Technologies for Customer Relationship Management

COGSCI:  Cognitive Science Society Conference
Cognitive Science (The 2004 highlight is "higher-order cognition")

CIL: Computers in Libraries
The conference covers all aspects of library & information delivery technology.

CW: Cyberworld
Web Information Management

  • Cyberinformation
  • Cybermuseums

ECIR: European Conference on Information Retrieval
Information Retrieval

  • User modelling and user studies
  • Web-based IR
  • Information Retrieval for digital libraries
  • Mobile IR
  • Structured document retrieval, including XML
  • Image and video retrieval
  • Usability, interactivity and visualization
  • Search strategies
  • Evaluation issues and test collections

ECWEB:  Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies
Web Technologies

  • Web Technologies
  • Knowledge discovery of Web data
  • Web data mining and analysis
  • Discovering structures in Web data
  • Web site management
  • View maintenance of Web data
  • Digital libraries and information retrieval

EISIC:  IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference on Engineering Information Systems in the Internet Context
Engineering Information Systems in the Internet Context

  • Specification and evaluation
  • Web application development
  • Support tools

Information Systems and Technologies

Human Factors and the Web Conference
Human Factors on Web Technologies

  • Usability studies of dynamic, customizable web sites
  • Tools for web usability testing and evaluation
  • Accessibility

IASIS: International Association for Computer Information Systems
Information Technology (2003 theme: Developing competent information technology professionals… The Challenge to academia)

  • Groupware
  • Management Information System
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Intranet/Internet
  • Behavioral Issues in MIS/IT

ICIS: International Conference on Information System
Information System (2003 theme: IT is everywhere: Impacts on life, work and learning)

ICMI-PUI: International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces
Multimodal Interfaces

  • Multimodal input and output interfaces
  • Cognitive modeling of users
  • Interfaces for attentive & intelligent environments
  • Tools & system infrastructure issues for designing multimodal interfaces

I-KNOW: International Conference on Knowledge Management
Knowledge management

  • Semantic Web and Knowledge Discovery
  • Business Process Oriented Knowledge Infrastructures
  • Integration of Knowledge Management & (e)Learning
  • Hybrid Learning

IKS: IASTED International Conference on Information & Knowledge Sharing
Sharing Knowledge and Information

  • Knowledge Engineering and Management
  • Networking and Telecommunications
  • Applications, Services, and Tools

IMSA: IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications

  • Web and Internet Systems and Tools
  • Multimedia Information Systems
  • Data Management

Internet Librarian International
Internet Library (2002 theme: Connecting Content and Technology)

  • Web Design & Development
  • Practical Web Searching
  • New Trends & Technologies
  • Information Literacy

Internet Research 5.0
The conference covers Internet related topics that address social, cultural, political, economic, and aesthetic aspects of the Internet.

IRMA: Information Resources Management Association International Conference
Information Management (2004 Theme: Innovation Through Information Technology)

ISIC: Information Seeking in Context
Information Seeking

  • Information Seeking: Information behaviour in everyday life
  • Integrating studies on information seeking and retrieval. e.g., research into the relationship between information searching and retrieval and the broader field of information seeking, including the role of Web-based searching in the overall information seeking process.

ISTAS:   International Symposium on Technology and Society
Information Technology and globalization of technology education

ITCC: International Conference on Information Technology
The ITCC conference covers different aspects of information technology.

ITI: International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces
Information Technology

  • Databases, Data Warehousing, and Information Systems
  • Human Interfaces and Interaction
  • Information Society
  • Knowledge Management and E-Commerce

JCDL: The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
A major international forum focuses on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues.

LITA:  Library and Information Technology Association National Forum
Information Technology

NordiCHI is the main Nordic forum for human-computer interaction research. Focus on considering the challenges of new applications addressing e.g. the following areas: human-environment interaction, proactive computing, mobile user, and user-centered design.

OKLC: European Conference on Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities
Knowledge Management

  • Epistemology of knowledge
  • Managing organizational knowledge and competence
  • Knowledge creation and innovation
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Integrating knowledge across organizations
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management in knowledge-based organizations

Online Information
Online Information Management

  • Information content
  • Information & content management
  • Content management Europe

OZCHI: the annual conference for the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group (CHISIG) of the Ergonomics Society of Australia, and Australia and New-Zealand's
Human-Computer Interaction

  • Information Environments
  • Computer mediated communication
  • Computer supported cooperative work
  • Affective user interfaces and emotion

Interaction Design

  • User studies and fieldwork including ethnographic methods
  • Analysis and design methods including task and interaction modeling, scenarios, storyboards
  • Participatory design and cooperative design techniques
  • Methods for incorporating user and cognitive models into design processes

RIAO Conference: Computer Assisted Information Retrieval
Content-based information retrieval.

SAINT: Symposium on Applications and the Internet
Focus on emerging and future Internet applications and their enabling technologies.

The presentation of new research results and the demonstration of new systems and techniques in the broad field of information retrieval.

Human-Computer Interfaces

  • Novel, enabling technologies such as augmented reality, perceptual user interfaces, tactile user interfaces, multimedia interfaces, CSCW interfaces and unconventional input devices
  • Innovative interfaces for difficult or challenging applications, such as the management of large, complex information sets
  • Innovative software architectures and development environments that support the development and use of the above technologies and interfaces

WISE: International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering
Information management on the web

  • Deep/Hidden Web
  • Web Mining
  • Innovative Web-based Applications
  • Mobile Web Information Systems
  • Web Performance
  • Semantic Web
  • Web Monitoring

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