Personal Information Management

SIGIR 2006 Workshop, August 10-11, 2006, Seattle, Washington


  • Examine where PIM currently stands as a field of inquiry. What should it encompass?
  • Determine how to measure progress in the study of PIM and its practice. What does good and better PIM looks like?
  • Revisit and add to the list of key problems and challenges identified in the PIM 2005 workshop ( What progress has been made over the past year and a half?
  • Identify promising approaches to PIM (that may meet these challenges).
  • Identify specific opportunities for a greater, two-way exchange between researchers focused on PIM and researchers focused on IR. Certainly, IR technologies can assist people who need to find or re-find information to meet a current need. Information filtering technologies may also be usefully applied to assist people with the difficult “keeping” task of deciding where new information should go. Conversely, the analysis of PIM may challenge and inspire modification to standard paradigms of IR inquiry.