The PIM Workshop
An NSF-Sponsored Invitational Workshop on Personal Information Management

January 27-29, 2005, Seattle, Washington
at the Watertown Hotel


The structure of the workshop should provide a good balance between single, large-group discussions and smaller, break-out group discussions. Two graduate student scribes will be available to take notes during large group sessions. Break-out groups will each be lead by two participants working together and sharing roles of scribe and facilitator. Break-out leaders are also charged with producing working with members of the group to produce a summary of their group’s discussion. Summaries form the basis of an article in a special PIM issue and/or chapter in a book.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

When What Who Comments
12:00 PM Registration/coffee/cookies    
1:00 PM Welcome – from NSF & UW Maria Zemankova, Mike Eisenberg  
1:30 PM Review Workshop Schedule. William Jones  
1:45 PM Lightning Review of Our Research Everyone, Large Group Name, affiliation, research/work areas. Very briefly, why are you at the workshop? What do you hope to accomplish?

5 minutes for presentation
2 minutes for questions

Order of presentations will be available soon.
2:45 PM Break. More coffee/more cookies    
3:00 PM Lightning Review Continues Everyone, Large Group  
5:30 PM Break    
6:00 PM Posters & Reception Everyone Participants are each asked to email a poster describing their work or a position related to PIM. Poster will be printed out for display and discussion. There will also be limited space for informal demos.

Hors D'oeuvres and a no host bar will be available.
8:00 PM Free time   Dinner or drinks in the U-district or take Watertown shuttle to downtown Seattle.

Friday, January 28, 2005

When What Who Comments
7:30 AM Breakfast Hotel guests  
8:30 AM Reflections on PIM Large group What do we know now?
What do we need to know?
Where do we want to be (in five years)?
9:15 AM Breakout Group Overviews Large group Facilitators for AM breakout groups briefly describe scope and objectives.
10:00 AM Break. coffee/cookies    
10:15 AM Breakout group discussions Small groups  
12:00 AM Lunch buffet Large group  
12:15 PM Panel summaries of break-out groups. Discussion Large group Presented over lunch.

Scope and objectives for next breakout groups will be presented.
1:45 PM Breakout Groups Overview Large group Facilitators for PM breakout groups briefly describe scope and objectives.
2:30 PM Breakout group discussions to assess future directions in PIM. Small groups What approaches are there to the problems/challenges identified in “present” break-out groups? Which approaches are especially promising? What can be done to support these approaches? What are the next steps?
4:00 PM Break. coffee/cookies    
4:15 PM Summary from each breakout group and discussion Large group  
5:45 PM Break    
6:30 PM -
8:30 PM

Saturday, January 29, 2005

When What Who Comments
7:30 AM Continental breakfast & coffee Hotel guests  
8:30 AM Group Discussion Large group  
9:30 AM Break. coffee/cookies    
9:45 AM Breakout groups. TBD Small groups Discussions to recommend future research/activities.
11:15 AM Summary from each breakout group and discussion. Large group  
12:15 PM Lunch    
12:30 PM Workshop wrap-up, next steps to be discussed. Large group Discussion will be over lunch.
1:30 PM Workshop concludes